Mission Statement

Vision Framework

Beliefs and Values

We are a non-partisan, non-profit organization that believes in America’s founding documents which direct us to our core values of Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government, and Free Market Economics.


Our purpose is to promote and restore America’s founding principles of Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government, and Free Markets by promoting Personal Responsibility, the Rule of Law, and both State and National Sovereignty.


Our mission is to work both as a group and with other like-minded organizations to improve Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government, and the Free Market in our community, our State, and our Nation by providing issue advocacy and information supporting these principles in local, state, and national education, as well as in electoral, legislative, judicial, and cultural systems.


We will be effective proponents of Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government, and Free Market Principles in our community, state, and nation. Our members will be advocates for the Constitution within this purview. When people in our community are asked, “Who do you trust to provide sound political oversight?” they will respond, “The Lanier Tea Party Patriots!”

Definition of Terms

Limited Government

The Founder recognized that unless government has limits placed on it, government will usurp the liberties of the people.

Fiscal Responsibility

The idea that government can steal from future generations is abhorrent. The Law of Nature dictates that you should not take from someone their labor or property without their permission. The idea that government can spend money that obligates people unable to vote and those not yet born to pay it back is simply unconscionable.

Personal Responsibility

Liberty cannot and will not be maintained in any nation unless those obligated to maintain liberty are actively involved in that government. We The People are the government and we must step up and take the responsibility seriously that we have inherited by being a citizen of the great land. It is not a passive event, nor can it be one is only exercised on election day. We The People must remain engaged with ALL of our elected officials from our local government to our national government and in between All citizens must take responsibility for themselves and their actions. All citizens must grant to each other their rights and dignity.

National Sovereignty

We must be ever watchful and maintain a strong national defense. Without effective control of our borders we are not a nation. It is mandatory that we as a people prevent subversion of our laws from those outside our county and that we resist all external governance. We must maintain sole control over our land and prevent all external forces of any kind from exerting influence in our land.

State Sovereignty

The Tenth Amendment was designed to protect the rights of the States. When the Seventeenth Amendment was passed the States lost the right to be represented in Congress. From that time forward the Federal Government has continued to usurp the power that was designated to the States. The Supreme Court ruled in 1911, “Among the powers of the state not surrendered—which powers therefore remain with the state—is the power to so regulate the relative rights and duties of all within its jurisdiction as to guard the public morals, the public safety, and the public health, as well as to promote the public convenience and the common good.” It was the intent of the Founders for each state to remain sovereign and individual. Understanding this concept means that when the federal government attempts to legislate beyond the limits as set out in the Constitution it becomes a usurpation of state sovereignty and is therefore rendered unconstitutional.


Freedom and Liberty are the essence that has made our Nation different from all others. The most important tenet that has come from the founding of our Nation by putting Freedom and Liberty at the forefront has been the right to Private Property. Private Property rights are the very basic element that has allowed our Nation to prosper. We hold the right to Private Property to be vital to our nation’s future economic growth and success. When one looks around the world, it is the nations that have strong Private Property Rights that have the strongest overall economic success, accompanied by the greatest amount of freedom, both of which are major contributors to the upward mobility of the people economically. We believe we must change any law, regulation or edict that threatens Private Property Rights. One of the foremost threats to the right to Private Property is an over burdensome tax policy. Our incomes are our property and excessive taxes are an attempt to take our property and pass it to others. We recognize that we have an obligation to support our government through some form of taxation, but that does not give the government the right to take by force, or without limit, what we achieve through the sweat of our brow.

Another major factor that has a direct burden on private property rights is excessive regulations. Whether regulations come from local, state or federal government, all can be oppressive and decrease the ability for the people to maintain ownership of their property. We recognize that some regulation may be needed, but with that recognition is the requirement for government and the people to look beyond what the regulation or policy might be intended to accomplish, to the damage each regulation and policy might cause through unintended consequences.

Recognizing that education is the key to liberty and freedom, Lanier Tea Party Patriots will promote and encourage people to know the United States Constitution, and to understand what the Founding Fathers were attempting to accomplish when it was written. This will be done by encouraging people to read books about our history, and to attend classes to assist in understanding the how and why of the Constitution. We will strive to help people understand the relationship between the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, the Federalist Papers, and other relevant documents. We will help people understand the background books and documents that led to the ideas that our Founding Fathers held as they were writing these amazing documents for the betterment of all mankind.

Another aspect of education is staying as closely involved with all of those that are our legislators at all levels. Too often these men and women are asked to vote on issues of which they truly have no knowledge, and as a result sometimes vote for or against an issue that results in a detriment to the people. The people must keep up with all that is developing in all areas of our nation, and when applicable, we must inform our legislators of occurrences with which they may otherwise be unaware.

We will promote and encourage the involvement of people in the affairs of our local, state, and federal government. We understand that our country was founded on the pretext that the people must keep themselves informed of issues that are at work in the making of our laws, and that it is not adequate to simply be involved only at the ballot box. We will help people understand that voting decisions should never be based solely on personalities, television, newspaper, or radio advertisements. What a man says during a campaign has little relevance to what he will do once placed in office. Knowing a man’s character and integrity can provide far greater definitive evidence concerning what a man believes in his heart, and how he is most likely to respond once he has been elected to hold public office. This becomes increasingly important when we recognize the fact that we are unlikely to ever meet a candidate with whom the people will always agree on every aspect on which he must act.

Lanier Tea Party Patriots supports the 40 year plan as adopted by the local and state coordinators associated with Tea Party Patriots, Inc. The plan states how we will work to bring our nation back to the fundamentals which our Founding Fathers recognized as being essential to Liberty and Freedom. We plan to accomplish this through:

  1. Educational System (local schools, colleges, and universities)
  2. Electoral System (campaigning, and being involved in all aspects of the election process)
  3. Legislative System (perpetual legislative watch, Congressional Accountability Project, state and local legislative watch)
  4. Judicial system (researching judges before they are elected, watching how judges rule in regards to the Constitution)
  5. Cultural environment (encourage liberty in popular culture, arts, music, television entertainment)

Because of the divisiveness of various social issues, our organization has chosen not to take any particular stand on any of the various social issues in our country. We do, however, encourage our members to become as engaged in social issues they believe to be important and that are aligned with their personal beliefs.